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This is probably the best time in history to study and practice medicine. There has been a tremendous advancement in evidence-based education and practice. Unfortunately, the medical education system does not consider this and it is almost always left up to the students to make academic progress in medicine.

Medical and allied sciences students must stratify the syllabus and prioritize academic topics for the primary reason that medicine is hugely voluminous. Given the current scenario of institutions with a lack of clinically applicable learning and an ever decreasing patient load in affiliated hospitals, we aim to bring about the principle of 'Competence-Based Medical Education' (CBME) into effect.

In addition to addressing the very basic academic needs of a student, our programs are designed to give its participants with an ever-lasting professional vigor. The objective of Credentials of Readiness (CoRE) is to produce as many 'Practice-ready' professionals as possible. This would possibly include both, for post-graduate residencies and clinical practice.

We have been extremely active in the social domain as a team of medical students and doctors, as our attempts at participating in campaigns like Media action against Rape (MAAR) - supported by Bournemouth University, and National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign (NODAC) - supported by Jeevasaarthakathe are invaluable in the building of both, our career and our personalities. An additional feature that Docfort has always maintained is our mentorship program. A student can never give his/her best in an unguided and ambiguous situation. Mentors help students get a hold of not just academic topics, but also serve as strong pillars for decision making and professional collaborations.

A supporting venture, Docfort's Integrated Journal of Evidence-based Medicine and Surgery (DIJEMS) has been modulated to help students understand the real-time problems that they face when composing and publishing a research paper.

Lastly, we are extremely particular about the certification of all our activities as that would be helpful to our students in the long run. From being highly valued at the International Medical Graduate exams like USMLE, PLAB, MCCQE, etc. to the extent of producing them for jobs and promotions in the present and the future.

We hope that we will be supported in this attempt that we have taken to enrich interested students in academic and professional medicine.

All the very best.

​Stay well, stay smart.

​Team Docfort, Bangalore, India.

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