Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Docfort? How doeas it help me?

Dcofort Meducation is a learning solutions platform for medical and allied health sciences students & professionals. It entails every essential activity to improve one's knowledge, understanding and applicability of medical concepts, only to enhance the principle of Competence-based Medical education.

How do I use Docfort platform?

In order to avoid confusion, we have designed a one time subscription fee payable annually. Most activities and features are covered in the subscription fee (including certification). Once the subscription is succesful, the candidate is provided with with a unique username, a password and a subscription certificate. For all features on subscription, visit COURSES page.

How much do I pay annually to become a Docfort Scholar?

To ease the financial burden on anyone willing to learn, we have limited our fee to a bare minimum of Rs 10/- per day for all Indian Students. International candidates pay about $10 every month. Scholarships are available for bulk registrations (Home Page).

Scholarships are available for bulk registrations (Home Page).

What are the Credentials of Readiness (CoRE)?

Credentials of Readiness (CoRE) are a new concept in academic medicine, adapted by Docfort Meducation, inspired by the Harvard B School.

It is essentially a method of clinical Knowledge and skills validation. A collection of practically relevant clinical material is offered in the 4-module CoRE set in a progressively ascending level format, the completion of which confers the participant with an institutional Credential of Readiness (CoRE).

How is it different from other credentials?

Unlike the majority of online academies which try to roll in medical topics in an open academic format, DAME is a pure meducational venture, designed by and for medical professionals. We focus only on the one stream we are good at and are confident to offer value for change in education.

Our institutional collaborations range from national faculty from esteemed medical colleges to the moguls of corporate practice, from government corporations to specialized philanthropic projects to yield the best of academics and professional exercise to each one of our valued Docfortians.

Are the Credentials of Readiness (CoRE) recognized? Can I mention them in my CV?

The certification for different programs at DAME has been in line with various institutions involved in the designing of the programs. Hence, these programs can be used as academic accomplishments in the participant’s Curriculum Vitae.

Specifically, the Fellowship of the daycare procedure (F.D.C.P) can also be used as an additional qualification to the primary degree obtained by the participant.

Who is eligible to enroll in these programs?

As a team of specialist mentors and academicians, we have tried our best to keep our approach as simple as we possibly can. Thereby, interested candidates in the medical and paramedical academics/professionals could avail of our executive education programs and volunteer activities. But our clinical fellowships have a specific eligibility criterion accordingly, mentioned on the enrollment page.

I am an aggressive learner and would like to make the most out of this opportunity. Can I avail of a discount on your programs?

The pricing at DAME has been intricately modulated to enable all interested candidates to avail of these productive programs. But we do offer scholarships to those who want to enroll in more than just a single program. Group registrations are also considered for scholarships as they can economically potentiate a participant’s yield from DAME. Kindly get in touch with Dr. Varun Kumar for more on scholarships.

When will I get my certificate of successful completion if I have enrolled on to one or more programs?

Most of our programs are self-paced. Therefore, the certification of completion is provided as soon as the program is deemed completed by the participant. But we do consider special requests in exceptional cases where the participant is needed to provide the certificate before the finishing date.

I still have a few questions to ask, how should i get in touch?

E-mail us at or You can also call/msg Dr S. Varun Kumar at +91 9916293414.

Questions not answered here? Visit our contact us page.