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Docfort Meducation is a one of its kind learning solution for medicos, and is now a Virtual Medical academy, completely managed online, in the best interest of our learners. We are following a subscription based model for learners where the participant pays a bare minimum of Rs 10/- INR per day to gain access to all content available on our platform.($2 per week for International Learners)

This subscription includes,

  • Access to our Self-paced CoRE programs with certification
  • Access to our quaterly journal (DIJEMS)
  • Access to our academic revision modules (DRAMA)
  • Access to our Televersity
  • Subscription certificate
  • Entry into our voluntary activities
  • Ambassadorships
  • Access to our E-Library
  • Unlimited mentorship from experts in the field to aspiring young medicos, among the many other benefits that will be offered to all our students

To know more on the various courses and programs, we recommend you download our Catalog. In case of queries, kindly get in touch with us on

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